the Web presence of Dr. Gareth S. Bestor

I like to keep it real simple here (no JS), so please see my actual work for the pretty eye candy.


I'm into computers and love writing code to solve interesting problems, so much so I got a Ph.D. in Computer Science. I like it even better when people pay me to do it - IBM did for 13 years, but now that I'm a free-agent I dont need to waste a lot of time writing PowerPoint presentations for upper management, and can concentrate on solving those interesting problems instead. My first computer was a 1st-gen NeXTcube; now I'm focusing on mobile technologies and associated webservices (but I kept the 'cube).

Latest Work
New Zealand Rugby Museum
principle developer
GoRugby by GoGet
designed and wrote

Currently under development:

  • iXForms, native XForms client for iOS, compatible with Open Data Kit
  • xiph, local community-based classifieds and club services

Open Source

Most of my code written at IBM was for systems management and virtualization, and is open source. A lot of it ships today in the Linux OS.

  • sfcb, Small Footprint CIM Broker (core developer)
  • SBLIM, Standards Based Linux Instrumentation for Manageability (core developer)
  • xs-cim/xen-cim, CIM plugin for managing XenServer (original author)
  • libvirt-cim, CIM provider for libvirt virtualization management API (contributor)


I'm the author/co-author of a bunch of industry standards for virtualization management (the stuff behind-the-scenes that manages cloud computing).

And for those who enjoy reading cryptic, esoteric academic papers, here's my Ph.D. thesis:

← Here's my CV if you want to know more.